Monday, March 5, 2012

Mike Chang's Six Pack Shortcuts Program

Welcome to my Six Pack Shortcuts review site!

First of all, I'd like you to watch a video from Mike Chang, the creator of this revolutionary abs workout program, where he tells a little bit about himself and the system he created.

Introducing Mike Chang

Nine years ago Mike Chang was very unhappy with his appearance, and he decided to take the necessary steps to lose weight, build muscle and obtain the six pack that he'd always dreamed of. He has since been certified by the ISSA as a personal trainer, and he teaches other individuals how to take advantage of his revolutionary program.

He discovered very quickly that most other exercise routines were filled with misinformation, and he wanted to help others feel good about themselves while also improving their physical fitness. By following his program you'll be given access to accurate information that will help you look and feel your best.

What Exactly Is This Program?

The program is a set of videos that will help users improve their health and develop a six pack by following four simple phases:

1. How to Increase Your Metabolism

Increasing muscle mass will allow you to burn more calories by speeding up your metabolism. The Six Pack Shortcuts program will enable you to quickly begin this process, thus helping you shed weight and begin developing a rock hard abs.

2. How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Most people get stuck on the phase of removing their belly fat and are never able to develop the abs that they desire. With Chang's revolutionary "Zero Will Power Eating System" you'll be able to beat the odds and get rid of your belly fat.

3. How to Improve Your Six Pack

Once the belly fat goes away your abs will start to appear, but Chang's system will help you increase the definition until you have abs that you're proud to show off at the beach.

4. How to Keep Your New Six Pack Looking its Best

Chang's videos will provide you with regular exercises to ensure that your abs looks its best forever.

What Does the Program Consist of?

1. General Exercises

Mike discovered 27 general exercise routines that are optimized for developing the perfect abs. Each of these routines lasts 30 minutes or less, but the results will make it look like you've spent several hours a day at the gym.

To assist you with the program he includes a quick-start workout guide that makes it easy to review his exercise routines while you're at the gym.

2. Body Weight Exercises

Mike also discovered 31 body weight exercises. Each of these exercises can be performed in the privacy of your own home, and it's not necessary to purchase any equipment.

3. Ab Exercises

Core definition is an important aspect of anyone's workout routine, and Mike developed 17 ab exercises to compliment his general exercise routines and body weight exercises. All combined these exercises will provide users with multiple alternatives, and the ab exercises will really help to improve the look of your stomach.

4. Information and Understanding

Working out without any knowledge of the science behind your body makes it difficult to really understand why certain things work and others don't. This system will teach you how to customize a routine that will give you the results that you're looking for by ensuring that you understand how fat loss and muscle building really works.

5. Support

The key component of the system is that you'll receive unlimited phone and email support from Mike Chang and a team of certified trainers.

6. Bonuses

You will also receive two killer BONUSES. These include Chang's "Zero Will Power Eating System" and a 30 day free trial to his 24 week advanced fitness coaching program.

How is This Program Different from Others?

The program will provide you with a complete fitness package, along with the support of its creator and a team of personal trainers. No other program provides this level of support.

All of the information will be presented in a concise, easy to understand way and you'll also be given access to several delicious recipes for meals that are conducive to developing a flat stomach.


This is an easy to understand program, and it's backed by a 100 percent money back guarantee. The program contains easy to perform exercises, and you'll have access to the support of a personal trainer if you have questions. The videos are also very motivational, and they'll make it easy to push through on tough days.


The word shortcuts implies that something will be quick and easy, but you definitely have to be willing to work in order to achieve the results that you're looking for. Getting results in 30 minutes a day is impressively quick, however, so the title isn't actually inaccurate.

Final Thoughts

Mike Chang's program is easy to follow, and it provides the promised results. It is the best program that I've found on the Internet, and I highly recommend it to any man (or woman) who wants to develop a lean body and improve his (or her) overall physical fitness.

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